Youth at the Crossroads


Gang Reduction Youth Development  (GRYD) Program

Since 11/2009, Alma Family Services is the lead agency for a collaborative Gang Reduction Youth Development Program (GRYD) serving youth and families who reside in the Boyle Heights/Hollenbeck area of the City of Los Angeles. The GRYD program represents a historic effort on the part of the City of Los Angeles Mayor’s Office to reduce crime rates and gang membership in specific communities with a high degree of gang activity and violence. All services provided by Alma Family Services program address factors that are known to increase a youth’s risk of gang involvement.


Probation Youth Community Reentry Program

This program offers clinical supportive services for at-risk youth and their families following their release from probation camp.  The services offered include counseling (individual and family), parent training, activities promoting pro-social behavior and linkage to community activities and services.  All services are youth and family centered and built upon a Youth Case Plan, developed jointly with the youth and family.  Services are focused on addressing delinquent behavior to reduce the rate of recidivism.

Probation Reentry


Youth Pathway to Opportunities

Alma Family Services, in collaboration with The Los Angeles County Probation Department and the Pomona Unified School District (PUSD), has partnered to provide support services in a community-based setting as an alternative to incarceration.  The services are aimed at reducing referrals to the Juvenile Court, preventing recidivism, addressing behavioral problems, increase school attendance and promoting positive behavioral and academic performance. Alma utilizes a multidisciplinary system of care that offers comprehensive, developmentally appropriate, and coordinated child and family services oriented to promoting healthy youth development and reducing delinquency and victimization.