Senior Services

Alma Family Services serves the needs of multi-generational family members including older adults.  Older adulthood may bring with it various crises or life stressors specific to this stage of life.  Life stressors may include grief or loss, family issues or conflict, care giving stressors, lifestyle changes, chronic medical conditions, etc.  Alma’s various behavioral health programs such as Field Capable Clinical Services (FCCS) and Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI) have staff with specific training to address the unique needs of older adults 60+ years of age and their families.

Alma’s staff is culturally sensitive and proficient at developing therapeutic relationships with older adults and their families to best meet their behavioral health needs.  Staff works collaboratively with health care providers to better understand the specific needs of adults in the senior stage of life.

Behavioral Health services might include individual, group and/or family psychotherapy, case management, crises intervention and/or medication support.  Services are offered from our Pico Rivera, Walnut, Long Beach and East Los Angeles offices.