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Our Leadership Team

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Dedicated to Providing Quality Services

Executive Staff

  • Jean G. Champommier, Ph.D., President/CEO
  • Reinaldo “Wally” Racela, Chief Financial Officer
  • Lourdes Caracoza, Executive Vice President
  • Diego H. Rodrigues, LMFT, Chief Operating Officer
  • Cynthia L. Baker, LCSW, Director of Behavioral Health Services
  • Marisela Alvarado, MS, BCBA, Director of Applied Behavior Analysis Services
  • Judy Ng, MS, Director of Human Resources
  • Elsy A. Molina, LCSW, Director of Latino Integrated Care Program (ICP)
  • Susan Lam, LMFT, Director, Quality Improvement & Compliance

Medical Director

  • Carlos Muralles, M.D.

Program Directors

  • Michael A. Segovia, LCSW, Eastern Los Angeles Clinic Director
  • Maria Del Carmen Solis, LCSW, Pico Rivera Clinic Director
  • Remberto Nunez, LCSW, The Wellness Center Clinic Director
  • Denise Villamil, Gang Reduction Youth Development Program Director


  • Karla Giron, LMFT, Wraparound Supervisor
  • Rosalinda Islas, Financial Services Supervisor
  • Jennifer Cao, Accounting Supervisor
  • Jacqueline Marquez-Maldonado, MA, BCBA, ABA Supervisor
  • Oilda Madrazo, PMI Supervisor

Program Managers

  • Ivania P. Guerrero, LMFT, Wraparound Program Manager
  • Jessica Pierson, LCSW, FSP Child & TAY Program Manager
  • Paulina Padilla, LCSW, School Based Program Manager
  • Cynthia E. Peters, LPT, Medication Support Manager
  • Gabriela Hernandez-Gonzalez, BA, Socialization Training Program Manager
  • Roger Castaneda, BA, Aquatics Program Manager
  • Sandra Flores, MA, Preschool Site Supervisor/Community Integration Training Program Coordinator


  • Elissa Ruiz, LMFT, Therapeutic Behavioral Services Coordinator
  • Daniel Zamora, Gang Reduction Youth Development Program Coordinator
  • Rosie Nieves, Operations Coordinator

Clinical Supervisors

  • Barry M. Backer, LMFT, Clinical Supervisor
  • Ronna Banada, LCSW, Clinical Supervisor
  • Xenia Kwok, LMFT, Clinical Supervisor
  • Esmeralda Murga, LMFT, Clinical Supervisor
  • Adriana Valenzuela, LMFT, Clinical Supervisor Consultant
  • Janette Quiros Saucedo,  LMFT, Clinical Supervisor Consultant
  • Jessica Cerutti, LCSW, Clinical Supervisor Consultant

Assistant Supervisors

  • Aileen Salomon, MA, ABA Assistant Supervisor
  • Aline Saragoza, MS, ABA Assistant Supervisor