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Alma Family Services’ Integrated Care Program ICP (ISM), is an innovative program funded through the Department of Mental Health’s Mental Health Services Act. ICP serves children, teens, adults, and older adults who are struggling with mental health and a general medical condition. ICP specifically targets those individuals who have been unable to find culturally appropriate services provided by culturally sensitive, Spanish-speaking professionals. As a one-stop-shop model, services are integrated making treatment more accessible. ICP staff utilizes a whatever-it-takes approach in providing strength-based mental health services and recognizing the value of culturally developed practices, ICP includes community-based, non-traditional services, such as aerobics classes, music, crochet classes, etc.  Additionally, having all the services managed under a single program, clients are linked directly to the services they need, rather than having to search for and contact referrals on their own.

The ICP program includes an array of culturally sensitive services such as therapy and psychiatry, access to physical health care, advocacy services, comprehensive case management, non-traditional services and linkages. In addition, outreach and education is provided in the areas of mental health throughout many partners, and community events.